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ALT LLC is an Additive Manufacturing and advanced materials startup located in Santa Barbara, CA. Commonly referred to as 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing is the process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital model. Materials are deposited layer by layer allowing for complex and customizable geometries. ALT LLC utilizes state-of-the-art hardware, software, and material technologies to provide professional 3D printing and material characterization Research and Development.  



ALT LLC pushes the boundaries of what is possible through Additive Manufacturing Research and Development. ALT LLC develops prototypes, tooling, and other complex components, including highly functional objects for subsequent model slicing and fabrication.  Our facilities are in place to characterize new composites with superior physical properties and perform material property tests. Among its current projects, ALT LLC has demonstrated self-healing synthetic tissues with embedded sensors for advanced feedback in anatomical training models.

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ALT LLC is run by Dr. Jonathon Barton PhD. Dr. Barton obtained his PhD in Material Science at the University of California Santa Barbara. He has worked on a wide range of projects developing advanced micro and nanomaterials for optoelectronics and sensors. He has extensive experience working with biotechnology for cell culture diagnostics, anatomical models, synthetic tissues, and structural composites. ALT LLC's team is diverse and energetic, including bioengineers, mechanical, electrical, software, and material science engineers.



Research and Development

ALT LLC pushes the boundaries of what is possible through Additive Manufacturing (AM) Research and Development. 


Want to learn more about 3D printing?

ALT LLC has scoured the web for some of the best repositories of free 3D Models online.

Let us show you the better half of Additive Manufacturing. Currently, limited 3D printing material properties such as ABS and PLA restrict this up and coming market from reaching its full capabilities. As the tech industry continues to grow more intertwined with our daily routine, real-world applications require flexibility, customization, and adaptability beyond the restriction of plastic properties.  ALT LLC provides a review of different classes of materials suitable for lifestyle products and for Additive Manufacturing. 

Additive Manufacturing is an exciting new technology which allows 3D objects to be fabricated by depositing materials layer-by-layer. One of the most valuable aspects is the wide range of materials it can accommodate due to the ever growing numbers and types of manufacturing tools being developed. Ease of design and production call for innovation for small businesses and large companies seeking both quality and quantity in the manufacturing industry.

The exceptional material properties that can be achieved in 3D objects are expanding all the time. Additive Manufacturing enables part optimization beyond the capability of traditional subtractive fabrication approaches. 3D printing provides significant cost savings through competitive sourcing, reduction in material waste, and rapid turn-around. This is an ideal and cost effective solution to sustainable, environmentally-friendly development that gives more than it takes from our resources.

ALT LLC is currently working on developing new advanced materials and custom composites compatible with 3D printing. ALT LLC has a wide range of tools and equipment in-house to test, evaluate, and improve advanced materials. 


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ALT LLC is developing the next generation of 3D printing through advancements in Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology and material characterization.