Press Release: ALT's AM Process for Fabricating Silicone 3D Objects

Santa Barbara, CA – ALT LLC announced this month that the company is developing a new Additive Manufacturing process to deposit rubber-like silicone materials in silicone 3D objects  with multiple materials using a novel deposition technology. Silicone or poly-siloxane is a versatile material with low thermal conductivity, low toxicity, high gas permeability, wide operating temperature and high resistivity. These favorable material properties make silicone desirable for use in a number of different applications, including anatomical tissues, medical devices, sensors, microfluidics, seals/gaskets, adhesives and many more commercial and consumer products, such as customizable cellphone cases and insoles for shoes.


Silicone, a thermoset polymer, is more challenging to deposit using additive manufacturing techniques than conventional thermoplastics and 3D printing filaments, which melt as they are extruded and quickly cool into hard object moments after their deposition. ALT has recently demonstrated simultaneous multi-material deposition of a number of different types of silicones and composites with varying viscosity, color and shore hardness. The Figure above shows a cross section of a human leg 3D printed in-house at ALT in synthetic skin, bone, muscle, adipose and fascia, with empty spaces to represent blood vessels.

ALT offers additive manufacturing, as well as design services, with a wide range of materials, such as silicones, thermoplastics and high-strength composites through their web portal at Individuals can order 3D prints in silicone for a wide range of applications that may be of interest. ALT wants to turn your idea into a reality! In addition, ALT provides business-to-business research and development working on unique projects for local businesses that may require silicone parts.

About: ALT LLC is an additive manufacturing startup in Santa Barbara, CA. They are currently developing hardware and software for the next generation of additive manufacturing, as well as characterizing and developing advanced materials. Dr. Jonathon Barton, the company’s CEO received his Ph.D. at the University of California Santa Barbara in the Material Science Department in 2004 and has extensive experience in additive manufacturing, as well as micro and nanofabrication.


Contact Information:
Dr.  Jonathon Barton, CEO
2062 Alameda Padre Serra #101
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Phone: (800)-273-5517

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