advanced printing


ALT LLC pushes the boundaries of what is possible through Additive Manufacturing (AM) Research and Development. We do more than traditional Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), specializing in  a variety of Additive Manufacturing processes.

The primary focus of ALT LLC’s research effort is to go beyond established single material Additive Manufacturing applications, which are limited to conventional levels of functionality.  We want to create complex, heterogeneous 3D models with advanced materials. We strive to develop the next generation of 3D printing.

With ALT LLC’s expertise and advanced systems, many materials can be implemented in 3d printing. Materials such as conductive metals, flexible materials, or strong composites can be combined to create multiple-material, highly functional 3D printed objects.

ALT LLC fabricates prototypes and provides solutions for projects requiring unique advanced materials.  We regularly work with businesses, manufacturers, and engineers to develop custom 3D designs.  In addition to printing for private companies, ALT supports 3D printing Research and Development of products for Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare, and Industrial applications.